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AAXA Technologies is excited to announce the release of our P300 Pico projector – the world’s brightest battery-powered HD pocket projector. The new P300 features a revolutionary new compact optical engine capable of delivering 300 peak lumens at a high-definition (HD) resolution of 1280x800. Powered by Texas Instruments’ DLP Technology the AAXA P300 employs Vibrant Color LED technology that delivers dazzling color quality with an operating life of more than 15,000 hours and is capable of generating a viewing experience of up to 120”*

The P300 offers a high resolution HDMI connection for direct connection to your HDMI sources for audio and video up to 1080p.

The P300 is a true “pocket projector” at less than 5.9” long, 3.9” wide, and 1.6” tall, it is both compact and energy
efficient - consuming less than 25W when plugged in. Additional features include adjustable tripod, 1280x800
VGA input support, 1280x800 HDMI support, Micro SD Card slot, USB port, composite video input, and 3.5mm
headphone jack.

High Definition WXGA Resolution

The P300 features highest-in-class resolution at WXGA (1280x800), otherwise known as "High Definition" and is the base resolution for blu-ray DVDs. Unlike competitors that claim high resolution through digital scaling, the P300's native resolution is 1280x800 pixels and is capable of scaling resolutions up to 1080P.

Super Color and Image Quality

The Vibrant Color Technology and triple LED light source in the P300 produces a vivid display with amazing color

Long Operation Life

Conventional lamp-based projectors require frequent bulb changes with very expensive bulbs that cost hundred of dollars. The P300's LED light source lasts 10 times longer than conventional lamps so bulb changes are a thing of the past!

AAXA BENEFIT p4 REVIEW The P300's optional lithium ion battery gives you upwards of 60+ minutes of operation! Rechargeable and long lasting the internal lithium ion battery makes the P300 a truly portable device.

Brightest in Class

The AAXA P300 produces the brightest image in it's class - in both DC and battery powered modes

The AAXA P300 outputs up to 300 Lumens which outclasses the competition in the pico projector market. The P300 is twice as bright as its other competitors in battery power mode.

Real Quick ON & OFF

Long warm-up and cool down times, sometimes for several minutes, are required for projectors using traditional lamps. The LED light source enables the P300 to achieve full brightness within seconds. Of course, it turns off instantly as well.

Versatile Multimedia Support

  • Onboard media player supports popular file formats

  • Share movies, videos, photos with friends and family

  • Bring presentations anywhere and everywhere

  • Enjoy gaming and entertainment without large TV's

Environmentally Friendly

The P300's LED light source consumes less power. The LED is also 100% free of mercury and, as the bulb never needs to be replaced, there are no discarded bulbs.

AAXA MHL Cable for Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2

  • High Quality MHL Cable for Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2
  • Supports 1080p HD video and digital audio output
  • NOT COMPATIBLE with 5 pin Android devices
  AAXA P300 Optional Battery

  • AAXA P300 Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 60+ minutes on a single charge
  • Easy Installation
AAXA P300 Remote Control
  • AAXA P300 Remote Control
  • Controls all menu functions within the P300

  AAXA P300 Power Adapter

  • AAXA P300 Power Adapter
  • Powers Unit + Charges Optional Battery
Additional Product Info

AAXA P300 AV Cable
  • AAXA P300 AV Cable
  • Use with your P300 to connect to composite devices (DVD Players, Game Consoles, etc)!
  AAXA P300 VGA Cable
  • AAXA P300 VGA Cable
  • Use with your P300 to connect to VGA Devices!

AAXA P300 Tripod

  • AAXA P300 Tripod
  • Use with your P300 as a replacement tripod, or a 2nd one to keep at work!
Projection System
Max Resolution:

1920x1080 (1080P)

Native Resolution: 1280x800 (WXGA)
Max Brightness (DC): 300 Lumens
Max Brightness (Battery) 160 Lumens
Contrast Ratio 2000:1
Projection Lens: Manual Focus
Projection Image: Available Size 10 ~ 120 inch
Lamp: Triple RGB LEDs with Vibrant Color Technology Life 15,000hrs
Projection Angle: 39.3° x 24°

General Specifications
Audio Output 1W (x2) Stereo Speakers Stereo speaker/headphone mini-jack
Color: White/Black
File Playback: microSD & USB Host reader
Menu Language: English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese
Aspect Ratio Control: 16:10
Battery Life: Optional 60+ minute Li-Ion battery
Dimensions: 5.9" x 3.8" x 1.5"
Weight: 1.3 lbs
Power Consumption: 25w
Supported Formats MP4 / MP3 / WMA / OGG / WAV / AVI BMP / JPG / GIF / TXT
Conformances: CE, FCC Class A

Inputs / Outputs
Video In:

VGA (mini-VGA)
Composite A/V (3.5mm Jack)

Audio Out: 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Jack
USB: 5 Pin Mini USB 2.0

Throw Ratio
Screen Diagonal (inches)

Screen Distance (inches)

17 20
25 30
34 40
42 50
51 60
59 70
68 80
76 90
120" Picture in Dark Room 120" Picture on Battery Power Only
High Contrast Imager means Deeper Blacks Clearly viewable text, even when zoomed in
Exceptional Color Reproduction Clear, Crisp Image in a moderately lit room
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